Thursday, 12 December 2013

3 Essential Oils To Enhance The Yoga Experience

The essence of yoga is proper breathing and if the inhalation and exhalation are in sync with the pose, it will help you unlock the true powers of yoga. But there is something that can enhance your yoga experience even further. It’s the use of essential oils to boost natural healing properties. In fact, some scents from essential oils are known to reduce stress and overcome anxiety.
Having said that, you don’t need to spray the yoga mat with different scents. To be honest, there are only a few scents that can bring results you are hoping to get. Read on to find out about essential oils and their desired effects in yoga.
The citrus scent for the emotional

Not every yoga performer is comfortable in the surroundings. For some, it's hard to cope and focus while performing in a group. To curb some weird emotions, try geranium or rose oils. Normally, the flowery and fruity scents will suppress stress and anxiety. Now if anyone is practicing some relaxing yoga poses, this scent will come in handy.
Sweet scent for the passionate
People with a passionate nature often experience the highs and lows and the emotions are peculiarly high when they experience jealousy or anger. Certain astringent scents can neutralize your emotional spikes. Hence, the essential oils for the passionate are lily, jasmine, honeysuckle and chamomile.

Earthy scents for the sad

When you feel upset or lethargic for some reason, the strong earthy scents will help in awakening your mind and purge it from depression. The best stimulators to ward off mellow sentiments are eucalyptus, cedar or pine.

Chose the essential oil according to your mood and incorporate it wisely in yoga sessions. The scent can be diffused or sprayed within the studio or you can use the conventional method of lighting scented candles. Besides candle lamps, reed diffusers are used to spread the scents from essential oils. Some people appreciate a more personalized experience can also dab some of the fragrances on your chest, hands or legs.

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